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Ladder of successLast week I wrote a post called “Ladder Up.” I use Facebook ladders to build one of my business pages. I gave a basic explanation of what and how.  Since that time, though, I’ve seen a lot of disgruntled folks on ladders and I think it comes down to two things: (1) Not using ladders properly and (2) Having unreal expectations about what you’re going to achieve with a promotional ladder. This may get a little long, but Old Busted Hotness is going to try to clear things up a bit. I am a supreme technoidjit, so if I can learn to use these things, you can, too. 😉

Part 1:  Using Ladders Properly

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!  I can’t emphasize this enough. Ladders are basically the same concept, a Facebook method to increase the likes and exposure of your business or fan page(s), but they all have different rules. Many ladder pages run different types of ladders, so you have to read what they’re doing on the one you’re planning on using. Follow ALL rules.  If it says “like some pages,” then do just that. . . like what interests you. If it says “like all pages,” don’t start unless you intend to do exactly that. Some ladders say “Tag and Run.” This is the ONLY time it’s permissible to leave your tag and not like any of the pages, but it’ll be to your benefit if you do.

First off, you have to “like” pages. To “like” a page on a ladder, hover over the tagged page, i.e. @(name of page) and their Timeline profile should appear. Carefully mouse over to the like box and click so it changes to “liked.” This will also let you know if you’re already a fan. If you see “liked” instead of “like” you’ve been there before. If you’ve been there before, click on “comment” and then type in “AAF” for Already a Friend.

Featured Pages.  Most ladders start off by asking you to like their featured pages. These are pages that have paid for promotion and/or guaranteed likes. This is always a must, NOT an option, even if the other posts are optional. The features are USUALLY in the instructions, but not always. Make sure you like ALL features! And as you go down the ladder, watch for posts by the ladder owner. Those are features, too.

“Tag your page” means to open a comment and put in the name of your page with an @ sign in front of it, i.e. mine would be @MsAtlanticCity. It will turn blue in a few seconds after you hit enter to save the comment.

Don’t use a link. When you use a link instead of a tag, the person going down the ladder to like has to leave the ladder to access your page and then come back. Some folks won’t do this. If you use a tag, as above, they never have to leave the ladder and you have a much better chance of getting that like.

After you like the page, like the comment on the ladder if you are a new fan. If you’re not, don’t hit like or you’ll give the page owner a false expectation. If you get to be a veteran ladder climber and you don’t want to post AAF in a comment after every page you’re AAF, when you post your link, put something after it like, “Liked or AAF all above.”

TIMING is important! Some ladders are 10-minute ladders, others last all night or all day or so many hours. If you see a 10-minute ladder and the post is 36 minutes ago, don’t bother. Some ladder owners put “Ladder Closed” posts up, some don’t. Watch the times posted.

Some ladders say you must share their post on your business page; some do not. Some just ask for a share, but don’t demand one. If it says that ladder is a must share, then share it!

Facebook and the internet are international. A lot of the ladders are not located in the United States. Unless you’re selling a product that you are not permitted to sell overseas, give them a try. I have come across so many unique businesses and chatted with many new friends with these international businesses. International shipping isn’t hard either. You may just open up another business market for yourself!

If the ladder instructions say NO ADVERTISING, don’t advertise your latest special of the owners may ban you. If it doesn’t say anything and you have a hot special going, put it next to your tag and see what happens. Don’t push the envelope. The ladder owner has complete control over how they want their ladder run.

Sometimes, if you get on a ladder early, you’ll only have to like a few pages. However, people who come on after you will message your page and ask you to return the like. If they do, go to their page and do it! Then answer them and tell them you’ve done it. These messages will show up in your notifications or down the sides of your admin panels. I answer every single person who sends me a note. It’s just good business.

Part 2: Unreal  Expectations

You will NOT get one for one, meaning if you like 30 pages, you are not guaranteed 30 likes back. Don’t expect it. Some people don’t know how to work the ladder, some may be there just to see what’s going on and some are going to simply not like your page. It’s no reflection on you. If you get a return of 10%, you are doing fantastic!

Just because they didn’t like your page 5 seconds after you liked theirs, don’t assume they won’t come back to you later on. Not everyone does everything at the same time and people get interrupted, especially work-at-home moms with young children. Give them a little time. I’ve gotten likes 2-3 days later.

Don’t whine! If you see you’re not getting likes from one ladder, don’t post a whine. Try another one.  Then go back and try the first ladder again. It may have just been a slow day.

Don’t think that big is necessarily better. I have done ladders with over 20,000 likes on the ladder page and I’ve done them with 100 or less. Sometimes, the smaller ladders are better as folks are trying to give them a start. One of the things you’ll learn is that many of the features are often other ladders. So by liking those, you’ll see more and more ladders open up to you.  Give them all a try. What are you going to waste. . . five minutes?  And you might get lots of new likes and make new friends.

It all comes down to how bad you want to build that page of yours. Using ladders takes time. I feel it’s worth it. I have picked up 50 – 60 new likers on my page per day with proper use of ladders. No, not just ONE ladder. . . I said ladders, plural. I do 6-7 a day when I want to promote and sometimes more. It works if you work it in return.

If you’re still confused over the use of ladders, give me a shout and I’ll try to help. Meanwhile, enjoy those ladders, have fun and watch your numbers grow!  And don’t forget to like Old Busted Hotness’s page, @MsAtlanticCity, while you’re at it!


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