Nov 102021

Are you getting up there? I am. And things are getting more difficult by the day. Now I am NOT complaining as I was supposed to be long dead by now, yet here I am writing to you. But everyday living can be challenging to those of an age. Here are some aging tips to help you through those challenges.

Put Your Pants On Sitting Down

Take it from someone who has had a lot of falls, in and out of pants, this is good advice. I yearn for the days when I could just hold those pants anywhere, jump into them, zip up and go. As they say. . . that was then, this is now. Ain’t happenin’, hon. So. . . now I sit down. Mortifying to a degree? Oh yeah. Safe? Oh yeah. If I can’t sit down, I lean against something. This has worked 90% of the time, but the sitting is better. If you don’t believe me, hit me up after you hit the floor.

The Bane Of Every Senior’s Life – Passwords

Who else is gonna die because they can’t remember a damn password? I used to use the same ones and then was cautioned NOT to do this because of crafty and evil hackers who were just dying to get their hands on my $44 bank balance. So I diversified. A little TOO much. Eventually, they all migrated to one, heavily-passworded place. So for years I happily looked them up, remembered both the user name AND password and went on my merry way.

Once again, that was then and this is now. I can barely remember one of them!!!! So. . . what I do now is remember the user name. But before I leave my sheet, I COPY the password so I can just paste it into the sign-in screen. VOILA!!!! Works like a charm. You don’t have to have the big library of passwords like me. If you know it but that knowing might not make it to the sign-in screen, just type it into a blank FB message or word processing doc. Copy THAT into the sign-in screen. BAM, you’ve got this!!!! (Then make sure you delete it and don’t post it. 🙂 )

Why the Hell Did I Walk In Here?

I can have something firmly in my mind and by the time I make the 20 steps into the kitchen. . . POOF!!!! GONE!!!! And I mean totally gone, man, as we said back in the day. So what have I learned to do? SAY IT OUT LOUD. Say I want to go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. As I begin my journey I will say COFFEE. . . over and over and over till I get there. If I’m going to the porch to get a package, it’s PACKAGE over and over again.

This works for a lot of things. SPEAK IT OUT LOUD. It will cement it in your mind (hopefully, the cement is not yet expired 😉 ) until you reach your goal. Experts say hearing is it different than just thinking it. I’ll just say it works most of the time. But that’s better than none of the time.

Got your own great tips? My ears are open. Put them in a comment. Maybe I can remember them by the time I need them. Maybe not. It’s a bit of a coin toss these days. Now where’s that damn coin?

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