Jul 202016

This girl is happy with losing weight, but it's not so easy when you're old!I’ve been fat for as long as I can remember. I was a chubby baby, a fat toddler, larger than the average bear in elementary school, nowhere near Twiggy in my high school years and. . . . well, you probably get the idea. I’ve been up and down 100+ pounds in my life more times than I’d like to admit to. However, the changes never bothered me until now. Losing weight in old age is definitely not the weigh (pun intended) to go, unless you have a drawer full of Spanx.

Let me first say that if you need to lose weight at any age, do it to get healthy. And the younger you do it, the better off you’ll be. I was told by a dermatologist that once you hit 35 or thereabouts, your skin doesn’t shrink back nicely anymore. Well, if it doesn’t do it at 35, let me tell you that you’re in deep doo-doo when you do it way, way, WAY past that point.

After struggling for 10 years or so at weight loss, I found a way of eating that worked for me. It’s slow, slow, slow but I have managed to drop a little more than 40 pounds over the past two years. Congratz are in order, right?  Not so fast.  Let’s do a pro/con analysis of the results.

The Nice Pros

I’m healthier. This is the most important part of the whole thing. My BP is down. My blood sugar is in good control. I move more easily.

I can Zumba! I love Zumba and after gaining enough weight, it became history with my mobility issues. Now I can Zumba once more. We won’t go into what I look like doing it, but I CAN do it.

I can buy clothing in the regular size department. Going from a 2X-3X to a size 14-16 is great. I’m not gonna lie about it. Mainly for access as it’s still easier to find a large than the X sizes in small town USA.

The Big Con

Everything I own is sagging, bagging or otherwise swinging. This ain’t funny, Universe!

Shall we talk flying squirrel arms? HAH! Mine will still be waving good-bye to you once you are not only out of town but out of the county and possibly out of the state, depending on the direction you’re going.

My thighs no longer rub together except at the very top. This should be a good thing, right?  Well, it would be if they didn’t slap each other about on each pass.

My neck. This shouldn’t even be discussed. Let’s just say I will give your next Thanksgiving turkey a run for his/her money.

Jowls? My basset hounds keep looking at me like, “Yeah, she’s trying to join our pack!!!”

My butt jiggles! I never had much of a butt to begin with, which is why I’m still aching from a fall two weeks ago. What I have left is now sliding down the backs of my thighs and jiggling when I walk.  Yes, join me in Ewwwwwwwwww!

And now we come to Jabba the Gut. I never had a totally flat stomach, not even close, but after multiple abdominal surgeries and the removal of most of my stomach muscles due to MRSA, the now almost empty skin slaps against the tops of my thighs and WORSE. (Best left to your imagination.)

To put it bluntly, I challenge any Sharpei to beat me at the latest wrinkly dog beauty pageant. They don’t stand a chance!!! Go out naked? HAH HAH HAH  I’d be in jail for murder as folks who saw me would literally die laughing. At the very least, they’d be buying out the world’s supply of eye bleach.

So what to do except look for ways to buy sufficient shares in Spanx to take me through the rest of my saggy baggy life?

My beautiful grandbaby will have an ACTIVE Nana!!!ENJOY IT!!!  Everything above is in fun, yet absolutely true. Still, I’m better off like this than I was before. I don’t believe you have to be thin to be healthy but, for me, at this point in my life, I’m healthier. And while I’m way past the age of worrying about keeping up with the Kardashians, my goal is to be able to run around with my new grandbaby when she is able, like my beloved grandmom did with me. Not a bad goal, actually.


I have a long, long way to go to be considered thin or even normal. Will I get there before I leave this earth? I honestly don’t know.  Film at 11. . .

Now where did I put that full-body Spanx?

OBH over and out!

May 282016

PHOTO Heart Gear Free Digital Photo.net

Every now and then, Old Busted Hotness sees a story on the news that grabs her heart and brings tears to her eyes. Okay, okay. . . maybe bawls like a baby is a more descriptive phrase. That’s what I did this morning when I read the story of former college football coach Don Horton and how the men he inspired are paying it back to their coach in his hour of need.


A Little Background

Don Horton is a football coach. He spent ten years as a coach at Boston College and six years coaching at North Carolina State University. He has Parkinson’s disease. After ten years with the disease, he’s now in hospice care. He is 58 years old.

What He Did

He loved them. He took care of his players like they were his own kids. He called them “his men.” He made a difference in their lives. He was never a head coach but pro baller after pro baller will tell you stories of what he did for them. Just one. . .

“With coach Horton, it was the way he made us feel outside the meeting rooms and practice fields,” said former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Paul Zukauskas. “He was a guy that could be tough as a coach, but he’d ask how your family was doing. He really took the time to get to know everybody.”

What They’re Doing

Paul Zukauskas is now a high school football coach in Massachusetts. Upon hearing of Horton’s illness, he wanted to help. Along with Ricky Brown and Al Washington, he set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for final expenses and a college fun for Horton’s two daughters. To date, they’ve raised almost $39,000 with donations from Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive lineman Gosder Cherilus and former New York Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, just to name a few.

Let the Bawling Like a Baby Commence

Raising money is nice. It’s necessary in times like this. But what Don’s wife, Maura, worried about most was whether their 13 and 8-year-old daughters will remember their dad for the man he was. The youngest has only known him sick.

“We keep saying over and over we’re going to be all right. I’m not letting in, because it’ll just be me single parenting. I’m not going to give in,” the 46-year-old said between tears. “They need to be who they are going to be but with the values that Don wanted them to have: education and perseverance.”

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Melanie Walker, a friend of the family, decided to help the girls remember. She asked people who knew Don Horton to write letters to his daughters, sharing favorite moments, as a way for the girls to know their dad. The players Don had touched began to write. (Quick sample as I’m crying again.)

“In a football world where players are treated as numbers, you treated us as people, and stood out,” wrote Ryan Utzler, former running back at Boston College.

In an emotional letter from former Boston College player DuJuan Daniels, now a scout for the New England Patriots, Daniels told the girls how their father impacted him starting in high school.

“When I sat down with your dad that day at my school, I knew he was the coach that I wanted to follow,” he wrote to Horton’s daughters. “He cared about school, he cared about your family, he cared about you, the kid he was welcoming into his family. I knew he would look after me, just like he promised my mom, sister and grandmother he would with me being hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the only place I had ever known,” Daniels wrote. “I can assure you that your dad, Don Horton, had a heart of solid gold. You two, along with your mom, Maura, are forever entrenched in it. I am happy to call you two my ‘little sisters.’ ”

The stories will get to you. They sure got to this old lady.

How You Can Help (click on the links)

If you’d like to send prayers or kind words to Don Horton, you can email him at walkermp.com.

You can donate to help his family on the Go Fund Me page.

You can purchase from MagnaReady. One day after a North Carolina State game, Horton’s limited dexterity prevented him from being able to button his shirt. One of his players, Russell Wilson, now quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, quietly came over to help the coach. That’s when Maura Horton created MagnaReady, a line of magnetic shirts for people with disabilities.

The Legacy

Maura Horton’s hope is that memories of her husband, who truly touched the lives of many, will last. “People can make such a difference in such a short time in life,” she said. “I feel very protective of the girls, and I want them to know how loved they were and how special he was, to be able to be those kind of human beings that will change the world, too.”

PHOTO Horton Family courtesy of

All quotes are from a CNN article which you can read in its entirety HERE.

Warning: Bring LOTS of extra tissues. You’re gonna need ‘em.

OBH over and out.

May 192016

OBH Photo TRS 80The somewhat inelegant title of this article is a comment I saw on a social media network when someone posted the You Tube video for the song Brand New Key by Melanie. It was released in 1971.  Which got me to thinking. . . . I know.  Dangerous, eh?

My first thought was, “Whaddya mean you don’t know WTF a roller skate key is?” And then it hit me that it’s probably been a long time since kids strapped on those metal skates and tightened them onto their PF Flyers with a key. Let’s see what else I remember from my childhood days of yore.

>I had an original Barbie doll.
>I had an original Hula Hoop.
>I was married by the time the first Atari ping pong ball jumped the cyber net.
>I was married when Beta and/or VHS movies became *the thing* to watch at home.
>I got my first cell phone at 49.

And the beat goes on.

Okay, okay, I’ve got it. I quality for Certified Old Fart status.

In my own defense, though, I should point out that I had a computer in 1985. It was a Radio Shack TRS 80, lovingly called a TRASH 80 by its aficionados. For what I paid for that machine back then, I could get one today that could run your life, right down to cooking your eggs sunny side up. It used huge 8″ floppy disks (two of them!) and it was slow. S-L-O-W. How slow? Thanks for asking. My old joke was that you could give it a command, go cook dinner, have dessert, wash and put away the dishes and you might. . . . might come back to a finished task.

Today’s younguns have grown up on technology. That’s both good and bad. They can run circles around me techwise, but will they ever know the extreme thrill of getting royally pissed and slamming a heavy black telephone receiver down in an attempt to shatter the ear drum of the person on the other end of the line? Can they jump Double Dutch? Do they know what Olly Olly Oxen Free means? Well, quite frankly, I had to look that one up for the exact meaning. . . but my pronunciation was first rate!

And, unfortunately, most of them will never know the thrill of tightening your skates with a skate key and taking off down the sidewalk or the back alley with the wind in your hair. It’s sad, really.

The children of today have all new entertainment, some of it good and some of it not so good. I applaud the new and the good, but I mourn the passing of the old.

Now where did I put that skate key?

OBH over and out.

Sep 222014

It seems there’s a new scandal about some sweet young thing’ with leaked nude photos just about every day. While I’m sure it’s disturbing to these (usually) young women as their property has been stolen, let me give you a few pointers here.

People Want To See Your Hot Ass

If you’re famous, have a nice ass and decide to have it photographed, those photos are going to command a high price in cyberspace. Guard them well. Go sending them around willy-nilly and guess what? Somebody’s gonna snag ‘em and make a nice, tidy profit. Talk about ridin’ your ass!

If you’re proud of your body. . . I mean, hey, you set up the nude photo shoot, right?. . . then you’re going to get lots of attention and good publicity from this breach of private etiquette.

The Casting Couch Must Be Alive And Well

And I guess the big point is. . . why do you need nude photos of yourself? Is the casting couch still alive to that degree in today’s Hollywood that a beautiful woman has to show it all to get a part? Today’s clothing is pretty skimpy. Not enough dimples showing in that see-through outfit that’s already cut up to Kansas?

Grandma’s Gonna Blush?

To be perfectly honest, a lot of younger women ARE proud of their bods. Nothing wrong with that! If you’re willing to bare it all for a photographer, why do you care if someone else sees the pics? Afraid of them getting back to your parents or grandparents?  Your old teachers? Your pastor? Once they’re snapped, m’dear, it’s already too late to worry about that.

Yes, There Is A Moral Here

The moral of this story is plain, old-fashioned horse sense. If you want the contours of your T&A to stay secret, then don’t bare them for a photographer or anyone else as a commercial enterprise.

If you’d like your body parts to circle the globe, then leak ‘em and claim they’ve been stolen. Get the vapors as you wail, “I have leaked nude photos!” It’s great publicity and you can then flaunt those boob and butt shots with style!

Sadly, though, you can’t have it both ways.

But what do I know? I’m just Old Busted Hotness.


Sep 182014
A 13-year-old was asked to remove her Virginity Rocks tee shirt in middle school.

There’s a story in the news this morning about 13-year-old Chloe Rubiano, an Arkansas middle school student, who was asked to change the tee shirt she wore to school recently. What shocking message did this shirt convey? “Virginity Rocks.” Her school considered it disruptive.

Middle Schools Today

Really?  A message of virginity in middle school is adjudged to be disruptive? The school claims it would lead to discussions of sex. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but lots of things can lead to a discussion of sex in middle school. These kids are what, 11 to 13? Hormones are awakening, folks!

BTW, middle schools hand out condoms and help students get abortions. And you can’t even mention the word virginity? Does it cut down on the condom business?

What’s The Dress Code?

Now turning to the school’s side, it they have a dress code which prohibits the wearing of any message tee shirt, that’s a different story. If that’s the case, they were right in asking her to remove it. It should be noted that Chloe, being the good girl that she is, changed into a gym shirt at the Vice Principal’s request.

A Fix For The Problem?

Maybe the answer here is to just side-step the question and prohibit all message tee shirts. Some schools in my area do it. A lot of public schools now wear uniforms, too.  Problem solved. But is it, really?

Would “Virginity Rocks” disrupt class?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I haven’t been 13 in many, many years so I’m really not sure.

Our World Is All Sex, Sex, Sex

However, with the emphasis in our culture on sex these days, why is someone prohibited from an opposing viewpoint?  And, come on, this kid is 13! Yes, I’m an old fart. Sorry, but I do NOT believe 13-year-old kids should be doin’ it.

Am I trying to squelch their sexual freedom? No, not really. I just think you need to understand a bit about what you’re doing, not simply insert Tab A into Slot B.  I feel that there’s too much at stake for a child’s mental state at this age if you throw the sex thing into it.

At 13, I was still more concerned with friends, sports and music than sex.

But what do I know? I’m just Old Busted Hotness.


Sep 172014

AARP is announcing that they have designed a tablet especially for apparently stupid Baby Boomers. It’s called the AARP RealPad Tablet.

Not Enough Tablets In The Market?

How many tablets are out there on the market right now? I have no idea, but I know they are made by Apple, Samsung, Acer, Asus and my favorite, the MS Surface 2. I have seen them as cheap as $49 so I’m sure there are many more.

AARP says the RealPad Tablet is designed for the over-50 customer who is a “more apprehensive technology user.” Really? I know lots of over-50 folks and they are pretty technology savvy.

What Makes This One Special For Boomers?

The RealPad Tablet has built-in tutorials which are supposedly designed to help educate users, as well as adding a “RealQuick Fix” feature which is a trouble-shooting menu. And if you still don’t know what happened, there will be phone/online 24/ support. No word yet on if this support is included in your purchase or it comes at an additional charge.

Should I Be Insulted?

Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but I’m sorta kinda insulted by this. I never had a tablet until last summer. I got an iPad Mini. It ultimately wasn’t what I wanted, so I traded up to a MS Surface 2. Guess what? I figured out the iPad Mini and then I figured out the Surface 2.

And the Surface 2 had the dreaded Win 8 on it, too, something I never used before. No problemo! Took me about 15 minutes to get around on it.

I am a pretty average computer user. I know my way around my computer and a variety of laptops, including a Chromebook and now the Surface 2. And. . . GASP, HORROR, SHOCK. . . I’m over 60! While not a complete technoeejit, I don’t consider myself particularly technically adept either.

I can, however, figure out which buttons to push, be it on a laptop, keyboard or touch screen. Is it that hard that we need a special tablet that screams OLD FART???

Deets If You Want One

However, if you feel the need, the RealPad Tablet will sell for $189. You can pre-order it now or wait for a few more weeks. It will be on sale at Walmart in mid-October, complete with a one-year AARP membership included.

Technical specs:

  • 1.2GHz Intel Atom processor
  • 16GB memory
  • Android 4.4 KitKat OS
  • 7.85-inch display
  • 5.0 megapixel rear camera
  • 2.0 megapixel front camera
Apr 022013

Lady on LadderDo you know what a Facebook ladder is? No? Well, until about a month ago, I didn’t either. Basically, it’s a way to promote your fan or business page by liking others’ pages and having them return the favor, all in a somewhat organized chaos.  Here’s how they work.

There are Facebook pages specifically dedicated to hosting ladders. When a ladder is advertised, you like that page and then you like other pages as instructed. When you get to the bottom, you tag your page and hope for the best.

I’ve been doing these for about a month now in an attempt to build my Ms. Atlantic City page. I’m not selling anything, just building an audience for a proposal I want to make in the near future. Has it helped? Yes, it has. Is it a lot of work? Yes, it is.

Ladders DO work, so I’m going to give you some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last month.

  1. Read the instructions carefully before clicking anything! They are basically the same, but there are subtle differences. For instance, some sites only want you to like a comment if you are a new fan, not if you are what they call an AAF or “already a fan.” Some want you to like all comments.
  2. Now that you’ve read the instructions, follow them! These ladders are watched pretty closely, from what I can see. If you drop your tag and run or simply don’t follow the instructions they’ve posted, you will be banned.
  3. Watch the timing!  Again, read the instructions. If you see a “15-minute ladder” posted 14 minutes ago, you won’t get much out of it if you’re at the bottom. Wait for the next ladder to post. It’s better being near the top.
  4. Watch for the closed sign.  At the end of a ladder, a host will usually put something like “Ladder now closed” with some graphics to catch your attention. If you keep going after that sign, the others don’t have to like you.
  5. Don’t do the ladders on holidays. People are home, but they’re not thinking ladder. . . they’re thinking family fun. Wait until the regular business week begins again and you’ll have much more success.
  6. If people come on the ladder after you, they may like your page and send you a message that they’ve done so and offer their page for return like love.  Make sure you do this and answer that message, every single time. You don’t want to get a reputation for not returning the love.

How do you find these ladders? There are hundreds of them, probably thousands. You can put “networking ladder” (no quotes) in the Facebook search window and you’ll get a bunch.  Here are a few of the more successful ones for me that you can try. How do I know? When folks leave me those messages, they usually tell me where they came from. 😉

You’ll find that as you hit like on the ladders, you’ll see more and more ladders so you will build your stock of ladders to try very quickly.

A lot of the larger ladder services also offer “paid likes,” meaning they’ll feature you on the links everyone must like OR you pay for so many guaranteed likes.  You’ll have to check the individual pages for what packages they’re offering.

Way back up top I said I was doing this to build an audience. But what if you sell things? Well, most people DO sell something on a biz page and there are tons of similar biz pages out there for the various direct sales plans. However, it’s a numbers game. The more folks like your page, the more orders you will get when they want to purchase.  I have a lot more “stuff” in my news feed now, but I’ve found several fascinating businesses and have made lots of new friends.

So. . . if you want to build your FB page, jump on that ladder and start climbing!

Jan 282013

Social Media SpyDid you ever take real close notice of how Facebook seems to know everything about you? It knows what you do, what you like, what you purchase, where you go and a whole lot of other stuff. Pretty soon, it’s going to know when you take a bathroom break! Facebook is watching you.

Most of us sorta kinda know this and we tolerate it. You can’t do internet business these days without Facebook and it is THE best way to keep up with friends and family. It provides a service. . . a valuable one. And, therefore, I guess, Zuck and company feel they can pry into everything in our lives in return. It’s one of those necessary evils of the modern age.

This morning, however, I noticed something new in Facebook’s observant ways. When I went to say Happy Birthday to the names that came up on the right side of the page, there was the standard window to type your greeting in, but there was also something else. Actually, I had noticed the line about, “Do you want to send Poindexter a gift?” before. I’m like, “Yeah, if I want to send him a gift, I’ll do it myself. Bite me.”

But today there was an added attraction. I got a list of Poindexter’s likes! Under the box was the “Do you want to send Poindexter a gift” routine and then. . . a list of what Poindexter likes! In this case, my Poindexter likes Starbucks, 1-800-Flowers and I forget what else.

So busybody me decided to click on the Starbucks link to see what it did. It took me to a page to purchase a $5 Starbucks gift card for Poindexter. A couple of clicks and VOILA. . . instant birthday gift! Now I can see where this could come in handy, especially if someone was close to you and you forgot their birthday. It says “I care,” a little bit more than just writing “Happy Birthday” on their wall does. But still. . .

People that I would spend money on a gift for, well, I know what they like. I don’t need to be told. When I thought about it for more than a few seconds, it felt creepy. I love being reminded of birthdays and it takes maybe 5 seconds to write “Happy Birthday” in that box and brighten someone’s day. But now Facebook is trying to make me spend money and then telling me what to spend it on. This could make Old Busted Hotness mighty paranoid if they keep it up!

What gets to me is how they seem to be watching us outside of Facebook, too. I’ve had things pop up on my sidebars that I’ve looked at on Amazon and a few other mass market retailers. Are they connected? If so, wouldn’t it be nice to let us know? Does Facebook have tracking cookies that follow us all over the net? It’s one thing to shadow us on Facebook, but other places?

I know that Facebook is one big advertising ploy to bring advertisers to it by providing them with a humongous potential customer base, but come on, Zuck. . . you’re seriously starting to creep me out. If I sign on one day and hear “Twilight Zone” music, Old Busted Hotness is gonna really freak out big time! I can guarantee you it won’t be pretty.

Jan 212013

Facebook ClockOld Busted Hotness lives out in Lower Cowpie Heaven. Things here don’t quite work the way they do in regular civilization, especially power and internet connections. We have Wifi, but it’s not too steady.However, in trying to make do, I’ve put up with a flaky internet connection for quite some time. Just one of those things.

Well, I decided I was tired of this particular “thing” the other day when I kept losing my connection and couldn’t work. I was out of internet service for hours at a time. Finally, hubby was able to hard wire me in to the internet connection. Big difference!

So what does this have to do with Facebook being at time waster? A lot.  During those hours of down time, I picked up my Kindle and read. I read. . . oh, let’s see. . . two novels and and a handful of business advice books. I haven’t read anything serious in a long time. Why? I’ve been inhabiting the land of Facebook.

Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, provided you have the time. If you don’t have to meet deadlines and your house is spotless, kids fed and you’re stuck with just you, time on your hands and a cat on your lap, Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch, engaging with friends, playing games, you name it. I can hear you now. . . “But Old Busted Hotness, you work on Facebook. What’s the problem?”

Weeeeeeeeel, the problem is that in the seconds that I’m not writing articles and/or in my Facebook writers’ groups, my almost senior citizen mind starts to wander. Facebook is colorful. Over 600 of my friends live there. People post interesting links. People post great photos. I will be working along, really kicking tushy and takin’ names and.  .  . SQUIRREL! Next thing I know it’s 20 minutes later and I’m behind myself once again. Do that a few times a day (or more than a few) and you start to get way, way, WAY behind.

Now I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t even play games. I just looked. But with Facebook, that’s all you have to do. Those pretty colors, engaging pictures, intriguing links and fun stuff from your friends just scroll on by. I mean, hey, how can I NOT look? I really do try, but. . . I’m human and the powers that be know that all too well.  Damn you, Zuck!

I really can’t afford to waste time on Facebook except for posting my articles and taking a brief glance (is there such a thing?) at my news feed and private messages every once in awhile. So knowing this and being a responsible adult (ahmmmmm), why do I get stuck every time I hit that Facebook tab up in the corner of Chrome? I’m not lazy, but I am curious. . . very curious. And you know what they say about that. SIGH

So if any of you have a cure for my Facebook time wasting problem, please leave a comment down below. I need to use Facebook to further my writing career; I just don’t need to waste time on Facebook, especially those interesting links, engaging photos, fun friend stuff and. . . SQUIRREL!




Jan 072013

Party girl phoneOld Busted Hotness just came back from a quick weekend in Atlantic City. Now I’ve been there many times, but this is the first time I have been on the inside of a club since way back in the middle ages. Yep, that’s right. The old gal went to a night club for young’uns (gasp, horror, shock!) Why? I had an interview right outside the club and then my PR guy asked me if I wanted to go in. I squared my shoulders and said, “Sure, why not?”

The music hit me like a sonic boom the moment the door swung open. It was dark with lights flashing and boy, oh  boy, was it crowded with sweet young things looking for a date. Once I got used to the volume, the band wasn’t too bad. As I was scoping out the outfits (or lack of them), I noticed a new fashion accessory on almost all of the ladies. No, it wasn’t a scarf or a certain type of shoes or jewelry. It was. . . .a cell phone!

Now I know everybody has a cell phone in today’s world. I have one. Mine is even a smart phone, which is probably a waste on me. But there was a difference. My phone was in my purse. Every young person in the club had their phone in their hand. Well, that’s not exactly true. Some of them had them in their bra. They must have. Nobody’s boobs are shaped like that! I can understand why. It’s hard when you have one hand wrapped around a guy and the other wrapped around a drink. And you just can’t put that phone in your purse. You might miss something!

As I watched in utter amazement, I stared at young people attempting to establish relationships in this highly-charged atmosphere while talking to one person and texting another. I know multi-tasking is a plus and women are better at it than men, but.. . . can’t anybody spell r-u-d-e anymore?

The wild part of this game was that nobody seemed to mind. Relationships were being established, short or long term unknown, friendships were being made, dancing was being done, drinks were being consumed and, all the while, the phones never stopped. It truly boggled my mind!

In today’s crazy world your phone is very important. I get that. I use mine more than I ever thought I would. But how can you gaze lovingly into someone else’s eyes while you’re texting? The answer is you can’t. You can’t truly pay attention to someone else while you’re hitting those keys at the speed of light and checking for your next most-important-in-the-world message.

I walked out shaking my head, phone still securely tucked in my purse. Maybe it’s sour grapes on my part because nobody called or messaged me the whole time. Or maybe it’s just that Old Busted Hotness has lived too long. I doubt I’ll ever be comfortable talking to one person while texting another. Actually, I doubt I’ll ever have the manual dexterity combined with the number of brain cells necessary to do it! I guess the younger generation has a different genetic makeup. They must have a phone gene that some of us well over the age of consent are missing.

How, then, are we to play the Game of Phones? Or maybe a better question is. . . do we even want to?