Nov 272017
Today I Am Officially Old

Today is my birthday. My 65th birthday, more accurately. I know it is because the government sent me a Medicare card. That means I’m officially old, right?  It set me back a bit when it arrived, but it got me thinking about a lot of things. How Did I Get Here? I honestly never thought […]

Aug 312017
Five Ways You Know You’re Getting Old

Aging. It’s a taboo subject in the good ‘ole US of A. Youth is worshiped; old age is dreaded. It hit me a little later than some. I was carded until I was almost 40. Now they chase me with a senior discount. LOL My 50s were my best decade. When I turned, 60, though, […]

Jun 092017
REVIEW: The Understated Elegance of J. Jill

Store Name: J. Jill Size Range: Misses 2-18, Petite 0-18, Tall 4-18, Plus 16-28 Shoes: Yes, but I can’t seem to find wide widths on the site Trendy: No.  Understated elegance (my words) Overall Rating (out of 10): 9 Last week we went retro/Goth with Torrid. Now we’re swinging back to the more classic side of the […]

Jun 072017
Big Fat Feet

Do you have a problem with shoes? Many women do. High heels are all the rage but, sadly, my days of wearing hot hoochie shoes are long gone. Even if they fit properly, I’d break my leg before the second step! Big fat feet can be a problem. My Personal Tale of Woe I have […]

Jun 022017

Store Name: Torrid Size Range: 00 through 6 in Torrid sizing, which is standard sizing 10 to 30 Shoes: Yes, in US sizes 6 – 13 Wide Width Only (Sizes 6 and 6.5 wide are very difficult sizes to find!) Trendy: VERY Overall Rating (out of 10): 9 Torrid is owned by the same company […]

May 312017
When Your Parts Don’t Match

Do your parts make up the classic female figure? You know, the one with the defined waist and matching bust and hips, ye olde 36-24-36 Marilyn Monroe ideal, give or take a few inches (or a few dozen inches). Mine don’t. Simply put, my parts don’t match. So if you’re like me, finding a good […]

May 262017
If You’re Old And You Know It Flap Your Arms

Most of my readers on this blog are well over the age of consent or, as I like to think about it, aged to perfection! However, our warped society calls us old. So, yes, I’ll accept that. I’m not sure I’d have it any other way. I will display my wrinkles and flap my arms proudly. […]

May 242017
REVIEW: Swimsuits For (Almost) All

Company Name: Swimsuits For All Size Range: They claim sizes 4 to 34 (see the commentary) Shoes: No Trendy: Everything from old frump to the latest designer swimsuit trends Overall Rating (out of 10): 7 Last week, we took a humorous look at my hunt for the perfect swimsuit. Today I received a catalog from […]

May 222017
Do You (Still) Check Your Self-Esteem At The Door?

Self-love. Self-esteem. Self-worth. A lot of us didn’t have much as teens. The sad part of it is a lot of us still don’t have too much. It’s a crying shame. Most of us have wonderful things to offer to this thing we call life. But many of us don’t offer them up because society […]